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  • 43 Sold Properties Reported in the Sullivan County MLS

    The market is undoubtedly heating up. It has been a busy summer, and now as we get into September, all those deals that were put together throughout the summer are heading to the closing table….more

  • Five Things to Never Say When Buying a House

    Five Things to Never Say When Buying a House I do my best to make sure a seller is not at home when a buyer comes to look. In fact I insist that be…more

  • Sullivan County NY Real Estate

    Sullivan County Tax Auction Approaching

    Sullivan County NY Tax Auction is Wednesday June 12th at 10 AM at the Ramada Sullivan Hotel in Rock Hill NY. Auction begins at 10 AM. Sullivan County NY Tax Auction  (Properties available for…more

  • Two New Listings on Lake Loch Ada

    There have been two new lakefront listings that have come on the market on Lake Loch Ada in the last few weeks. They are both pretty fabulous houses right on the water. Having this…more

  • Things to do in June in Sullivan County

    Step-by-Step Guide of things to do the first two weeks June in Sullivan County Although summer does not start until the third week in June, the unofficial start of summer here in Sullivan County…more

  • Overpriced Listings on the Sullivan MLS

    As we wind our way into spring, inventory on the local Sullivan County MLS has increased by almost 25%. Spring is historically a time when people put their homes on the market. Our area…more

  • Gas Drilling Moratorium is not Force Majeure

    It has been almost eight years now since the gas lease rush really started here in upstate New York, and land owners fell over themselves to sign lucrative leases with various gas drilling companies…more

  • Monticello Gets The Casino Nod

    Casino will be at the old Concord site Empire Resorts has won the casino lottery. Its Montreign/Adelaar proposal was approved by Albany on December 17th. The site for the new casino will be the…more

  • Expiring Tax Credits for 2014

    Will The Senate extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act? Currently we have 14 days left in 2014, and as of today,  The US Senate has still not voted on whether this bill, which…more

  • Hacked

    My email was hacked last week. I woke up on Thursday morning, and while taking my first sip of coffee, I went to check my email on my phone. However instead I received an…more

  • It Appears it was Busy Summer

    The summer is officially over. And things are quite a bit quieter in the various towns here in Sullivan County. School is back in session, and many of the summer visitors have returned to…more

  • The Upper End of the Sullivan County Market

     I had conversations with two separate upper end sellers this week. One I currently have the listing and the other is contemplating listing with me. The latter had their property listed previously with no…more

  • Villa Roma Bone Marrow Drive

    The second annual  Villa Roma bone marrow drive is scheduled for this coming Friday and Saturday the 11th and 12th from 8 AM to 6 PM. Event organizer Faith Metzinger, who has spent the…more

  • Zillow

    So court papers were filed this week in the law suit against former president Errol Samuelson for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary responsibility and misappropriation of trade secrets. The official complainant is Move….more

  • New 2014 Restaurant Openings

    Once again we have had a few spring openings here in Sullivan County. I wrote a similar post last spring, (and I am happy to report that all the restaurants I listed last year…more

  • The Eggshells of the Mortgage Process

    We are seven years post Lehman collapse, and the real estate market nationally (and locally) has without question rebounded off the lows. Buyers have confidence once again that purchasing a home is a fiscally…more

  • Youth Center Easter Egg Hunt

    I had a rare Saturday off this past weekend, so I got to go with my kids to the annual Easter egg hunt at the Delaware Valley Youth Center in Callicoon. It was a…more

  • Lloyd Barriger Sentencing

    Last week Lloyd Barriger was sentenced to five and a half years in prision for his illegal actions while managing a real estate investment fund here in Sullivan County. I almost didn’t write this…more

  • Do Not Feed the Deer

    During my weekend showings I was at a house where the homeowner had put out what looked like corn for the deer.  And then I saw a post on Facebook  where some well intentioned…more

  • Technology

    ​I got my real estate license in March 2006, so in a few months it will be eight years that I have been in this racket. And over the past few months as I…more

  • The Vacant Second Home Syndrome

    I was out last weekend with a Manhattan couple who is looking for a weekend getaway, so naturally our tour included a lot of homes being sold by people who only use (or used)…more

  • Firewood and Fireplaces in Sullivan County

    A fireplace is always pretty high up on the wish list for my clients when searching for a second home here in Sullivan County. As we all know, nothing beats a nice warm fire….more

  • Mayor Jenkins

    Monticello Mayor in the News

    So I meant to weigh in on the Gordon Jenkins saga last week, but I didn’t get a chance to, and in the meantime, instead of this story dying, it has exploded , and…more

  • There’s Gold in Them There Hills

    So as I am sure everybody already knows, the vote to allow gambling in New York State was passed this week giving way to a flurry of exuberance around our county.  The word is…more

  • Dowsing

    Last week I had a third encounter with  a dowsing “practitioner” in my seven year real estate career.  This time, however I made the mistake of being skeptical of a piece of wood determining…more

  • Thoughts on Listing

      I have written about this subject before, but I wrote about it during the VERY lean years, when a listing was almost guaranteed to sit on the market for 180 plus days, and…more

  • Recent Break-ins

    One of the many attractive things for second home owners about the northern and western area of Sullivan County is that it is safe. Crime in general is low and burglaries are few and far…more

  • Re-register for STAR

    All residents who currently are receiving the star program need to re-register by Dec. 31st to continue getting the savings. Apparently there has been “widespread abuse” with people claiming STAR exemptions on multiple properties,…more

  • Signs of Recovery?

        I had a buyer contact me via my website in January. They were looking for a home in the 150 to 200K range–with either lake access, or lake frontage. This is at…more

  • The Bank is not your Friend

      So my real estate dealings led me to have two almost identical conversations with two distressed property homeowners this week, and made me realize how little some homeowners know about the foreclosure/short sale/deed…more

  • Restaurant Openings in Sullivan County

      It has been awhile since my last blog post, because I am as busy as I have ever been. People are looking for homes, and the phone is ringing. Couple that with a…more

  • As the Shadbush Blooms

    It is getting to be that time of year again, where you will start to see the white blossoms dotting the landscape. It is the plant Amelanchier also known as the shadbush. It is…more

  • Late for an Appointment

    So in my never ending quest to try to understand the human race, and the behavior we exhibit, I have compartmentalized people into two categories. People who are late, and people who are early. I know…more

  • Maybe Saint Joseph Can Sell Your Home

    I got a new listing this week. It is another “seasoned seller.” He has been trying to sell his house for over two years.  He is an older guy who just wants to move…more

  • Accceptance

    It seems to me sellers are finally coming to terms with the market that we are in. It took some time—almost two years. However more and more we are seeing new houses come on…more

  • Ten Tips When Selling Your Home

    There are many lists just like this one all over the internet, but they are out there, because it is very important. Studies have shown that people can make up their minds about someone…more

  • Echoes

    I skipped a blog post last week—unfortunately. I have been very busy, and I just couldn’t seem to find the time. I doubt there was anyone out there waiting with baited breath, but if…more

  • The Stay at Home Couple

    The forecast was for one to three inches, which I suppose is what we got. (Although now as I write this it is 50 and sunny. I was on my way back from looking at a new…more

  • Cell Service in Sullivan County

    As you come up over the hill on Route 97, about halfway between Callicoon and Hankins, a large cell tower has risen out on the Delaware River ridge. Upon some research,  it turns out…more

  • Hunter Lake Cabin

    The dead of winter is not normally a robust time for people to be looking for lake front property, however I am fielding a few inquires, and I was out with a couple last…more

  • Skiing in Sullivan County

    Since Sullivan County really is in the foothills of the Catskills, That is pretty much what you are going to get skiing wise here. Foothills. However we are within not too far driving distance…more