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Youth Center Easter Egg Hunt

I had a rare Saturday off this past weekend, so I got to go with my kids to the annual Easter egg hunt at the Delaware Valley Youth Center in Callicoon. It was a lot of fun. The mad dash for eggs from a hundred plus youngsters all over the field was a sight to see.

Youth Center Easter Egg Hunt

They put the kids in different age groups so the younger ones have a chance to get some eggs.  The whole thing was pretty well organized. Once again I was impressed with the Youth Center. There was also a meet and greet with a photo op from with the Easter Bunny.  My kids were a bit too suspicious of a  big furry bunny to get too close, but they loved running around collecting eggs. My daughter even made the paper.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, The Delaware Youth Center is over the bridge past Pecks Market on Main Street in Callicoon. They have a play area with slides and swings for the younger kids. They have a skate park, tennis and basketball courts, a softball field with bleachers, and a nice sized swimming pool.  They also have a jogging path/exercise circuit with workout equipment.

Programs include a soccer and t-ball league, a Zumba class, and various other fundraising activities, including a Halloween dance, and a summer 5K run along the Delaware River.

The center is kept going by memberships and donations. By joining you get use of all the facilities. Individual memberships are $45.00 and family memberships are $100.00. The center also gratefully accepts donations of any size. All members of the board of directors are 100% volunteer, and spend quite a bit of time and effort to help make this a great place for all kids–whether they are year round or summer residents.

Click here for the Delaware Youth Center website.  

For seasonal residents it is a nice place to visit a handful of times throughout the summer, and spend an hour or so pushing the kids on the swing, or watching them run around on the slides and jungle gym, before heading off for an ice cream cone.  The center is happy to accommodate these types of visitors. However like I said, they gratefully accept any and all donations, large and small, so even if you are the casually user who visits infrequently, consider donating a few bucks to the center. It goes to a really good cause, and it is COMPLETLEY tax deductable.   

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