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The Stay at Home Couple

Livingston Manor Farm

The forecast was for one to three inches, which I suppose is what we got. (Although now as I write this it is 50 and sunny. I was on my way back from looking at a new listing in Livingston Manor, when the sky got really dark and it started coming down hard. I took a snapshot of the barn at Faraway Farm, just outside of Callicoon Center.

  I was previewing a house for a couple who I think fits into a new demographic in our society. I will call them the “stay at home couple.” They are simply a double income family, where both adults work from home. This couple is the second one that I have come in contact with this month.
 In this case, it is a gay couple who currently rent in Brooklyn. The one guy has run an internet based business from home for years. His partner commuted into the city in a more traditional job, but as technology became more advanced, he started being able to spend more of his time working from home also. He commented to me, that he will still have to meet clients once or twice a week in Manhattan, but he feels a commute to the city once or twice a week is doable, where every day is just too far. They both have roots in the Metro area, but the job flexibility allows them to have a primary home ( and all the benefits that come with that) here in Sullivan County.
 I believe as technology continues to advance, we will see more of these stay at home couples. In the nineties the term dinks (double income no kids) came into being. (of which I am still a member.) I suppose that will be to amended to wah dinks. Work at home double income no kids.

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