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Late for an Appointment

So in my never ending quest to try to understand the human race, and the behavior we exhibit, I have compartmentalized people into two categories. People who are late, and people who are early. I know genius right? but before you scoff at my simplicity, hear me out.

I have noticed that what ever a person does on the first appointment, whether early, or tardy, they will continue to do it throughout the remainder of the appointments. you can pretty much set your watch by it. “A ten minute late guy” will keep me waiting without fail. A “fifteen minute early couple” will be there, sitting in their car when I pull up every single time.

People who are late have always bothered me. I suppose it is because of the punctual conscious household I was raised in, but I subscribe to the theory that a habitually late person is passively telling you that their time is more important than yours. And in a lot of cases with the people I deal with, their time is more important. I don’t mind waiting a half hour, if the person I am dealing with is going to buy something. In my mind I am getting paid for that half hour. However the single show, never see you again, hour late person is the one that drives me crazy. But I digress, back to the reason for this post.

So because the total number of meetings will probably be between ten and twenty before the house is bought, punctuality becomes one the defining characteristics that I see as I get to know the clients. But other personality traits emerge as well. Like any relationship, as you get to know the person, actions and behaviors change your perception of that person.  So I began to compare and contrast the other personality traits between the two “control groups”  Now you would think that the tardy group would be a bit more easy gong. And perhaps the “early group would be the most type A. However I have found the opposite to be true. It is the late ones that tend to obsess over buried oil tanks or leaking septics They are the ones that pour over contracts, while the early group seem to be the laid back go with the flow type. Not that the early group isn’t fastidious, they just seem to be less suspicious.

Why? If I knew I’d be the next Tony Robbins. So what type are you?

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