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Welcome to my page dedicated to buyers. If you are contemplating purchasing a home or property here in Sullivan County NY, then you have come to the right place. I have complied a lot of info in these pages as I attempt to explain each step in the process. Whether you have purchased a dozen homes, or this is your first one, the process in each area is different and can be somewhat intimidating and confusing. Buying a home is a major decision, and there are a lot of factors one must take into account. Please feel free to drop me a line if there is a question you have that I have not covered here.

What the Sullivan County Real Estate Market Offers.

First off all you must determine if our area has what you are looking for. What mainly drives real estate prices here is locale. A home on a few acres set back off a quiet country road will have a sticker price substantially higher than a very similar in-town house. Ponds, views, open fields, and even a grove of apple trees can change the asking price. My guidelines on price is assuming that the property has a bit of second home appeal. i.e seclusion, set off a quiet road in a somewhat country setting.

Farmhousesullivan county farmhouse


Cabins callicoon cabin

The farmhouse is probably the most popular dream for the urban weary. The thought of being able to run away to some rustic simplicity, a front porch and a vegetable garden, for some that is Utopia. We have a lot of farmhouses, and again locale is mainly what drives the price. You can get a farmhouse anywhere from 150K to 900K, depending on acreage, size of barns, proximity to the road, etc. In general a good sized (2,500 sq foot) farmhouse on five plus acres with a barn will be in the 250K to 400K range.   I get a lot of calls looking for inexpensive cabins in the woods. We do have those here in Sullivan County, but unfortunately there is a demand for them, so authentic mid century cabins on a few acres tend to be a bit pricey. Getting something with charm and privacy for under 150K can be difficult. There are a few that pop on the market from time to time for less, but they are rare, and get scooped up quickly. In general look to pay around 150K for a real Catskill cabin. However if you are willing to compromise on locale, you can get a cabin for less.

Suburban suburban sullivan county


Log Cabinslog

This is probably the type of home that you will get the most bang for your buck. It may have vinyl siding, or it is a non-descript ranch with a blacktop driveway and a lawn, however there are some inventive things to do to make these type of homes more “country” and because of their style, they can be a bargain. Depending on acreage prices can be anywhere from 125K to 400K.   Log homes are pricey to build, and hold their value well. Most do have the right locale, and are set on some private acreage, on a lake, or in the woods. Look to spend at least 250K, and some of the more spectacular log homes here in Sullivan County are well above a million. Many of the log homes are "pre-fab", and shipped here and put together. It really is an amazing process. A genuine log home is a piece of art.



Primary HomesCallicoon Houses

The range of different lakes and different types of homes on those lakes make it very difficult to give a range. Visit my Lakefront page  for more info.   We also have a lot of listings I would classify as a primary home. These can range anywhere from 75K to 500K. Whether they are in town, or are within earshot of the neighbor making them not so attractive for a second home getaway, they may be perfect for the full time family. With the current market conditions, these can be a real steal.