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It Appears it was Busy Summer

Timber Lake Estate LakefrontThe summer is officially over. And things are quite a bit quieter in the various towns here in Sullivan County. School is back in session, and many of the summer visitors have returned to their fall and winter schedules.

The summer selling season seemed busy to me, although I did not put together as many deals as I would have liked. I had a few listings that I was sure would sell this summer that did not. It is perplexing to me, because how or when a buyer comes along really does not have that much rhyme or reason. It was certainly not without lack of trying. I was busy. Just sometimes in this business busy does not translate into productive.

However the “hotsheet” on the Sullivan County MLS shows that this was indeed a busy and productive summer. Over the last thirty days, a whopping sixty listings went into the “contract signed” status. (this of course reflects activity over the last few months.) Two are over a million, including a gorgeous lakefront home in Timber Lake Estates that was on the market less than 180 days. There is also a York Lake front listed for 895K that received signed contracts this month.  There is also a handful in the 300K range, and another few in the 250K range. The market was definitely moving this summer.

Click here for a list of all homes that went into “contract signed” status in the last thirty days.

Now in between signed contracts and closing, there is always a myriad of traps and minefields that will undoubtedly kill a few of these deals, But hopefully those will be few and far between, and the majority will successfully close on their new homes.

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